Friendship Through Flowers


Ikebana International is a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of Ikebana, Japanese flower arranging.  It was founded in Tokyo, Japan, in 1956 by the late Ellen Gordon Allen and today boasts over 8,000 members in more than 50 countries.  Ikebana International is administered by enthusiastic volunteers of many different nationalities and ikebana schools.  Although their differences, they openly share their inspirations, styles, philosophy, history and techniques.




Ikebana International St. Andrew Chapter 156


The St. Andrew Chapter 156 was formed in 170 under the guidance of Mrs. Joyce Shaw and chartered March 15, 1972 with the late Mrs. Edna Manley as patron. 

The St. Andrew Chapter 156 became the first in the Caribbean to gain the recognition which is a mark of prestige for the art of Japanese flower arrangement in Jamaica. 

Today the chapter has 24 registered and 4 nonregistered members from four different schools such as; Ikenobo (traditional), Ohara (famous for landscape ikebana), Sogetsu (modern and creative) and Ichiyo (famous for bamboo containers).  There are teachers in each school. 

Members participate in world conventions held in Japan every 5 years (next one May 1-4, 2011, in Tokyo), regional conferences (next one, May 19 – 24, 2013, in Nashville, North Carolina, USA) and chapter meetings. 

Our activities include demonstrations of flower arranging, annual exhibition, lectures/ programs on related arts, annual tour, and workshops where one can study different ikebana styles. 

Our members place ikebana arrangements for several functions such as; Japanese Emperor’s Birthday Reception, Japanese Music Concerts, by the request of the Embassy of Japan in Kingston. 

We meet the third Saturday every month at Hotel Four Seasons from 4:00 p.m.


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